Collection: Clear Fluorite

Clear Fluorite stimulates the Crown Chakra, while boosting aura energy and aligning all of the chakras. It also enhances the effects of other crystals, acting as an amplifier. Clear Fluorite also holds all of the same attributes of Fluorite, as follows: Fluorite is a very protective stone which creates a psychic shield, while cleansing and stabilizing the aura and chi. It draws off negative energy and stress. By heightening intuitive powers, Fluorite speeds up spiritual awakening and assists in seeing the bigger picture. It reveals truths, while also removing delusions. Fluorite assists in overcoming disorganization and chaos, improving mental and physical coordination, and increasing concentration. This assists with learning, quick thinking and making progress in any areas of your life. Fluorite also increases self confidence and balances sexual libido.

Chakra: Crown Chakra

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