Collection: Lepidolite

Lepidolite is a wonderful stone for alleviating mental disturbances. It dissolves negativity, reduces stress, stops obsessive thoughts and lifts depression. Bringing a wonderful sense of calm, it also helps with overcoming insomnia. It has amazing mood stabilizing effects and is truly the stone of transition. Lepidolite helps you to achieve deep emotional healing, and to overcome even the most difficult of emotional or mental dependencies such as addiction. It encourages independence, increases concentration and helps you to made decisions and achieve your goals. Lepidolite also opens the Throat, Heart, Third Eye and Crown Chakras. It is just as good of a tool for spiritual journeys as it is for emotional ones. Infact, it can assist you to tune into feelings and thoughts of past lives, helping you to overcome hardships from the past that are affecting your current life.

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