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Rainbow Obsidian is a gentle stone that possesses robust protective qualities. It enlightens you about your spiritual essence, releases the bonds of past affections, and tenderly liberates your heart while rejuvenating its energy. It absorbs negative energy and alleviates stress from the body. Rainbow Obsidian also holds all of the same attributes as Obsidian, as follows: Obsidian is a stone known for its lack of boundaries or limitations. It is said to enhance truth, foster growth, and offer support during that growth. It may bring negative emotions and unpleasant truths to the surface, providing an opportunity for deep soul healing. It is believed to help access past lives to heal traumas carried into the present. Obsidian is considered a strong protective stone, shielding against negativity, absorbing negative energies from the environment, and blocking psychic attacks. It is thought to remove negative spiritual influences and mental stress, potentially leading to emotional and spiritual healing. It is also said to assist in finding permanent solutions to problems and should be cleansed after each use due to its ability to absorb negativity. It is believed to anchor the spirit to the body, stimulate growth on all levels, bring clarity to the mind, and clear confusing and conflicting beliefs. It is said to help you understand your true self, confront your shadow self, and teach you how to integrate it. It is also thought to bring insight into problems, better equipping you to find solutions.

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