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Crown Chakra Incense Sticks with Incense Holder (Lotus/30)

Crown Chakra Incense Sticks with Incense Holder (Lotus/30)

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Open and balance your Crown Chakra with our Organic By Nature Crown Chakra Incense with Wooden Incense Holder. 

(Sahasrara) The Crown Chakra is centered on your connection to the spiritual world. At peace, able to deeply meditate and completely let go of the ego and attachments to the physical world. It's location in the body is at the very top of the head. The element that it is associated with is thought and the colors it is associated with are violet and white.

Each set includes 30 Lotus Incense and a wooden incense burner. 

Incense is an aromatic biotic material that releases fragrance when burned.

Key Words: Spiritual, Spiritual Connection, Peace, Meditate, Release Attachment, Thought, Violet, White, Sahasrara, Crown Chakra, Fragrance, Aromatic, Burned, Smoke, Incense

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