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Large Crystal Skull - Orange Calcite - 2in

Large Crystal Skull - Orange Calcite - 2in

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Beautiful 2in Orange Calcite Skull

Skulls often symbolize death, mortality and sometimes even strength.

Orange Calcite is very energizing and cleansing for the lower chakras. It balances emotions and dissolves problems to maximize potential, therefore removing fear and depression. Orange Calcite also holds all of the same attributes of Calcite, as follows: Calcite amplifies and cleanses energy. It will clean negative energies from the environment, removing all stagnant energy and boosting your personal energy. It also stabilizes energy, combating laziness and assists in being more energetic, hopeful and motivated. It is a calming stone which replaces emotional stress with serenity and increases emotional intelligence. The stone also enhances trust in self, assists in overcoming setbacks. Calcite cleanses, balances and energizes all of the chakras. It is linked to higher consciousness and aids the opening of higher psychic abilities and awareness, and channeling out of body experiences.

Chakra: Sacral Chakra

Zodiac: Leo

Key Words: Strength, Mortality, Death, Skull, Calcite, Orange Calcite, Increasing Energy, Sacral Chakra, Leo, Crystals

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