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Tree Of Life Necklace - Fluorite & Silver

Tree Of Life Necklace - Fluorite & Silver

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Fluorite Tree of Life Necklace (Silver)

One of a kind, handmade Tree of Life Necklace.  Made with a top-quality Red Moss Agate and Silver Wire by Leaf's Jewelry.  It comes with a simple black necklace and a beautiful, cotton filled, golden jewelry box.

Fluorite is a very protective stone which creates a psychic shield, while cleansing and stabalizing the aura and chi. It draws off negative energy and stress. By hightening intuitive powers, Fluorite speads up spiritual awakening and assists in seeing the bigger picture. It reveals truths, while also removing delusions. Fluorite assists in overcoming disorganization and chaos, improving mental and physical coordination, and increasing concentration. This assists with learning, quick thinking and making progress in any areas of your life. Fluorite also increases self-confidence and balances sexual libido.

Zodiac: Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

Tree Of Life:  The Tree of life is the source of all life, connecting all life and the circle of life and death.  It represents balance and harmony of all worlds and connects earth to heaven and the underworld.  

This Tree of Life necklace is perfect to wear on all occasions, whether that is a relaxing day on the beach, or a fancy evening out on the town.  It also makes a perfect gift for anyone, from your significant other, to a friend, or a child.  All around, it's the perfect gift for yourself or someone else. 

Stone Type: Fluorite 

Metal: Silver

Size: 1&3/4" Tall, 1&1/8" Wide

Artist: Leaf's Jewelry

Item Code: P-34

Please Note:  This product has not been treated with any chemicals, therefore will go through the natural oxidization process as all metals do.  This may result in a change in color over time.  The black cord necklace that the pendant comes on is not hand-made, and is just a simple "rat tail" cord (as seen in the photo).  The golden jewelry box that it comes in is a cardboard jewelry box.

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