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Tumbled Banded Agate

Tumbled Banded Agate

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Tumbled Banded Agate - Ranging from 20mm - 30mm in size

Banded Agate has the ability to harmonize physical and spiritual energy, while gently removing dualities and conflict from within. It is a wonderful aide in traveling to other realities, streams of consciousness, and past lives. Banded Agate can remove energetic holds that others have placed onto you, assisting to regain control of the present and replenish energy that has been lost as a result of the hold. It can be very helpful with overcoming toxic energy, to stop dwelling on your problems and to instead focus on the solutions to your problems. Banded Agate can also remove obsessive thoughts and destructive habits, and also encourages supportive love.

Chakra: Third Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra

Key Words: Harmonizing Energy, Problem Solving, Out Of Body Experiences, Releasing Energetic Holds, Fixing Negative Energy, Universal Love, Agate, Banded Agate, Crystals, Third Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra

As with all things that come from the Earth, exact size color may vary.

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